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Tips for Keeping Your Tenants Happy

The process of finding new tenants can be lengthy and frustrating. And during your search, your property isn’t earning an income for you. When your property management company finds great tenants for your rental, you can entice them to continue renewing their lease with the following strategies.

Make your tenants feel welcome.

Unless your new tenants are recent college graduates, they’re probably familiar with the typical move-in routine: Signing agreements, doing the inspection, and receiving the keys. Surprise your new tenants with an inexpensive, yet thoughtful housewarming gift. This little gesture is an effective way to start an amicable, long-term relationship, and it’s something your tenants will remember for years to come. Your housewarming gift might be a small basket of coffee and tea. Avoid gifting a bottle of wine, as it’s possible that your new tenants are in recovery.

Keep in touch—within reason.

If you work with a professional property manager, that individual will be your tenants’ primary point of contact. However, your tenants will appreciate it if you send a brief email or a courtesy phone call about a month after they move in. Ask if they have any questions or concerns, and remind them that the apartment property management company is always available for repairs and maintenance. Afterward, refrain from checking up on your tenants, as this will likely be unwelcome.

Connect rent increases with property upgrades.

Landlords do need to raise the rent from time to time. If you need to, try to associate the rent increase with an upgrade in the property. Your tenants are more likely to renew their lease if they know that there’s a good reason for the increase in rent. For instance, you could let your tenants know that the increase is due to the new washer and dryer units in the common area, or your recently relaxed pet policy.

MRS Property Management in Beverly, MA is a leading provider of landlord and tenant services. We can find reliable, responsible tenants for your properties, and keep them happy with our prompt, professional maintenance services. Call (978) 927-3690 to become our next satisfied client.

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