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Keeping Tenants Long-Term: Tips for Landlords

A good tenant who stays in a property for the long term is a landlord’s dream. Qualified tenants who stick in properties for several years don’t happen by accident. There are many things landlords can do to ensure that their reliable tenants are happy and incentivized to stay for as long as possible, particularly with the help of residential property management services. If you want to generate more long-term tenants, keep these tips in mind.

Find the Right Tenants

If you want long-term tenants, finding the right renters in the first place is an important step. Work with a property management company to screen applicants thoroughly so you can be sure that you’re renting to qualified tenants who are unlikely to leave because of struggles with paying the rent. Advertise your property to attract renters who are more likely to be looking for a long-term home than a one-year stop-off on the way to their next location. You can’t rule tenants in or out based on age or family status, but you can make a point of advertising in places that appeal to populations who are less likely to move frequently than to transient groups, like students.

Focus on Maintenance

Property maintenance is a major issue for tenants. They want to live somewhere with well-tended grounds and a responsive maintenance team that responds to issues in a timely manner. A property management company can handle these responsibilities for landlords so that these maintenance needs can be easily met.

Make Timely Upgrades

Qualified, long-term tenants generally have high standards when picking a home. Periodically upgrade the appliances and make other tweaks to the property to keep it current. If tenants stay for multiple years, offer carpet cleaning and painting at set intervals to keep the home looking fresh. Not only will this make it more attractive for tenants to stay, but it also helps you avoid damage that can occur when a tenant lives somewhere for an extended period without this kind of maintenance.

Tenants appreciate the conscientious service they receive from MRS Property Management. Let us handle the day-to-day business of renting properties for you so you can maximize your investments. To learn more about how our property management company in Beverly, MA can help you, call (978) 927-3690.

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