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What to Look for When You Check Out a Rental Property

Are you in the market for a new rental home? Whether you’re looking for an apartment or a single-family house to rent, there are certain things you should look for when touring your potential new home to make sure that you choose the best possible location for you. When the property management representative takes you on a tour, keep an eye on these important factors.

Cell Reception

This is a factor many renters forget to consider until after they have moved in. When you are touring a home, test out your cell reception in several different parts in the property and make sure you get an ample signal. You will be extremely frustrated if you consistently drop calls or struggle to connect to your network. While you’re looking into cell reception, it’s a good idea to also ask questions about the internet and cable service providers in the area to make sure you are pleased with the available options.


Pay attention to the other people living in the neighborhood to get a feel for the community. In addition to paying attention during your tour, consider driving past the property at several different times of day to see if it is a neighborhood with kids outside playing in the evening or one filled with younger people who have get-togethers in the evening. This will help you decide if your lifestyle is a good fit for the community.

Property Management

When you schedule a rental viewing, it should be clear if there is a property management service for the home. If you’re not sure, ask. Living in a property in which the landlord has hired management services has several advantages, such as reliable interior and exterior maintenance and fast response times when you have a problem.

MRS Property Management makes renting easier for landlords and tenants alike. Whether you’re looking for a great new place to call home or you’re a landlord in need of property management services near Beverly, MA, give us a call today at (978) 927-3690 for more information.

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