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What First-Time Renters Need to Know About Apartment Hunting

Making the move into a first apartment is a rite of passage for college students and recent graduates. But before you start packing, there are a few things you should know about finding the perfect place and signing your first lease. First and foremost, look for available units that are managed by a professional property management company. A property manager serves as a liaison between you and your landlord. By working with one, you can rest assured that the issues involved with renting will be handled in a professional manner.

Know Your Expenses

Any responsible property manager will request information about your income and employment history before approving your rental application. But just because your application has been accepted doesn’t necessarily mean that you can truly afford the place. Sit down and create a detailed budget as if you were living in the apartment. Include utilities, trash service, renter’s insurance, Internet service, and cable hook-ups in your budget. Then, consider your upfront costs, which will include a security deposit and might include a pet deposit, rental application fee, and credit check fee.

Know the Lease Terms

Never sign a lease until you’ve read it carefully at least once. Ask for clarification if you don’t understand something. Remember that you will be signing a legally binding document; you may wish to ask a trusted relative to look over the lease for you. Before signing, you should fully understand your financial obligations and responsibilities as a tenant. You should understand the length of the lease and you should know whether the rent is subject to being increased when the lease is renewed.

Know the Location

Finding the perfect apartment can be a frustrating process. When you finally find a great place, you might be tempted to ignore the fact that it’s 40 miles away from downtown. But location really is everything. Consider its proximity to your workplace, school, and family, as well as local attractions like restaurants.

When you’re ready to go apartment hunting, you can check out the online rental portfolio at MRS Property Management in Beverly, MA. We are a rental property management company that provides exceptional services for tenants and their landlords. Interested parties are invited to call us at (978) 927-3690 for information about our property management services.

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