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How to Deal with Roommate Conflicts

When it comes to property management, allowing roommates to enter a lease together is a great way to increase the number of qualified tenants in your area. However, several issues can come up in this type of rental situation. Keep reading for tips on dealing with roommate conflicts.

When Roommates Don’t Get Along

When people share a living space, issues are bound to crop up, eventually. While tenants often work these situations out among themselves, disagreements can sometimes escalate into messy roommate property management problems. One way to prevent this type of roommate conflict from affecting your business is to encourage your tenants to create a roommate agreement. This document might include details about how utility costs will be split up, how rent will be divided, rules for overnight guests and parties, and maintenance responsibilities.

When One Roommate Doesn’t Pay Rent

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for one roommate to fail to pay his or her portion of the rent. This problem can affect your income, as well as the ability of the other roommates to live comfortably on your property. To help avoid this predicament, state in your lease agreement that only one check will be accepted as rent payment. This condition helps ensure that you receive the rent in full every month, and it also leaves the roommates to figure out the details of paying rent among themselves.

When One Roommate Violates the Lease

All it takes is one roommate who violates the rental agreement for problems to begin. While it’s unfortunate for the other roommates when this issue occurs, holding each tenant who signed the rental agreement equally responsible for lease violations can be a smart move. For this reason, if you rent to roommates, then consider having your lease state, in the proper language, that all roommates will be jointly and severally liable for all lease terms.

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