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How to Decorate a Rental Home

When you move into a rental home, you want to make the space your own, but you have to do so within the rules the landlord and property management company have set. Watch this video for some tips for creating a home that reflects your style without violating your lease agreement.

Before you start decorating, read the rules on your lease closely, and if you have any questions, ask the property management company. Often, you can find some way of getting the look you want without changing the property completely. For instance, if you want to wallpaper but that is prohibited, you may be allowed to paint instead, as long as you return the walls to their normal color before you leave.

From decorating issues to maintenance and rent collection, landlords and tenants alike can benefit from working with MRS Property Management. Find out more about our commercial and residential real estate property management services in Beverly, MA, by calling (978) 578-2793.

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