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The History Behind the Old Salem Jail Apartments

There is no sense in letting a usable piece of architecture go to waste, and this is exemplified by the renovation of the Old Salem Jail. This jail building has a unique history and an even more unique present. Keep reading if you’re interested in property management and you’d like to learn about the history behind the Old Salem Jail apartments.

Before it became an upscale property, the Old Salem Jail was actually a jail building. After its initial construction in 1813, Gridley Bryant made an addition in 1884. Samuel McIntire’s jail keeper’s house became 3 separate homes with a private entry for each, and a new building was constructed to contain 8 2-bedroom duplexes. The main jail building houses 17 such condos as well as a main restaurant. The renovation of the Old Salem Jail has won several awards over the course of 2010 and 2011.

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