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How to Hire a Property Manager

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If you own a property, you deserve to have reliable and affordable property management services. Property management is essential for properly maintaining your investment. Most importantly, a good property manager should be willing and able to act on a property owner’s behalf without having to constantly check in, saving you time, money, and stress. Continue reading to learn why a property manager should be responsible, available, and reliable.

Essential Responsibility
When you hire a property management team, make sure to inquire about how many properties or units each manager is responsible for maintaining. A trained employee with the right tools—and who works for the right property management company— can manage approximately 40 units. The top property management companies can handle hundreds of properties, as long as they are divided up fairly among employees.

Key Availability
When it comes to property management, an individual’s availability is essential. A good property manager must be able to get into properties on a routine basis and whenever necessary. When you look for property management companies, you should also make sure you have an arrangement that specifies how often they will conduct formal inspections of your property. Ask whether these inspections are part of the fee or constitute an extra service outside of the normal package.

Demonstrated Reliability
Finally, when you hire a property manager, you should choose a company with experience. Your property management company should use a quality property and tenant management tool and should be able to provide you with samples of output reports from this system. Your company should also be willing to offer you numerous testimonials from other satisfied clients.

MRS Property Management has over 25 years of experience offering property management services near Beverly, MA. To learn more about the properties we manage or secure our services for managing your own property, call us at (978) 578-2793. You can also visit us online to learn more about our family-owned company.

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