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Tips for First-Time Renters

apartment management beverlyIf you’ve just signed a lease on an apartment or home that is maintained by a rental property management company, you can easily have a friendly, mutually beneficial relationship. Property management companies help landlords maintain their rental properties, and find, screen, and retain tenants. To ensure a successful relationship with your new property managers, follow these simple tips.

Understand the Terms of the Lease
Your lease should detail every pertinent aspect of the agreement between you, your landlord, and your property managers. These terms will include, among other things, the amount of rent and the due date, how long guests who aren’t on the lease can stay in the rental property, what utilities must be in your name, and how the property should be maintained. You must take the time to read through the lease entirely, and make sure that you understand it fully. Ask your landlord or property managers if you have any questions about the lease terms.

Call the Property Managers for Maintenance and Repair Issues
If your landlord uses a property management company for repairs and maintenance, you must call the property managers first if you have any maintenance or repair needs. Do not attempt to make repairs yourself, and do not hire a handyman or repairman yourself. If something is broken or in disrepair, contact the property managers immediately. If they do not respond in a timely manner, you should then call your landlord directly.

Always Give Proper Notice
Your property managers and landlord require notice of certain events or changes that affect the lease or the rental property. This includes notifying them of new roommates, new pets, late rent, and termination of your lease. Different states have different regulations for how much notice your landlord needs if you don’t plan on renewing your lease.

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