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MRS’s development ventures have achieved success by forging key relationships with professionals who have proven to be leaders in their respective fields of expertise. The MRS business mantra, “do it right the first time”, along with constant attention to the details has maintained and enhanced our reputation. The development of the Danvers Indoor Sports Facility is such a success story for the MRS team; a seamless progression from conception of the idea, to successful construction of the buildings to leasing.

The $15 million, two-building, state of the art complex has received national recognition; an excellent testimonial to the inherent disciplines within MRS Management. At 170,000 square feet, it is one of the largest specialty indoor sports facilities in the country. This opportunity did not arise by chance – the project was conceived after MRS carefully researched the sports facility industry. A thorough economic feasibility study was conducted, followed by the implementation of an appropriate development plan. Specific site considerations were carefully weighed and analyzed given the myriad of real estate issues. The professional staff of MRS competently handled these various complexities:

  • Easements, Permitting, Zoning – Legal
  • Site Evaluation, Characteristics & Engineering
  • Conservation Issues
  • Environmental Assessment & Considerations
  • Debt & Equity Financing – Origination

Every project MRS embarks upon requires intricate planning and development, as well as a comprehensive understanding of each individual phase. MRS’s excellent management practices, the art of coordinating and assembling the required resources, have all contributed and enhanced MRS’s development efforts.

The redevelopment of a building at Folly Hill Meadows Apartments offered a different dynamic but achieved the same result: a satisfied customer. In this scenario, MRS demonstrated the ability to assemble the appropriate team of professionals, coordinating and managing the construction and development process, all accomplished within an efficient time period and below budget. MRS’s development expertise was the key to success – the ability to clearly define the preliminary project elements, executing the necessary tasks with full responsibility and diligence.

MRS Management provides an interdisciplinary approach to real estate. The ability to create, design, engineer, construct, lease and manage properties are important functions that better serve our customers’ needs. We are proud of what we do and equally proud of how we do it.

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