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Factors to Consider When Setting Occupancy Standards

Landlords have the right to set rules for their tenants about how their properties can be used. However, the way these rules are set and applied are subject to very specific legal regulations, and ...
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When Can Landlords Inspect a Tenant's Home?

If you have rental homes, then inspections are an important aspect of property management. However, there are restrictions regarding how and when inspections can happen under Massachusetts law, which ...
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What to Know Before Renting to College Students

Finding the right tenants is always a challenge for landlords. One question many landlords have to consider is whether they should rent their properties to college students. There are several benefits ...
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The Implied Warranty of Habitability

If you are a landlord, one of the many benefits of hiring a property manager is that your manager understands your legal obligations to your tenants and will help you avoid costly lawsuits for ...
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Is Your Tenant Moving Out?

Effective property management companies pay just as much attention to tenants who are moving out as those who are moving in. When a tenant gives notice, the first thing to do is to check whether the ...
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Tips for Keeping Your Tenants Happy

The process of finding new tenants can be lengthy and frustrating. And during your search, your property isn’t earning an income for you. When your property management company finds great ...
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Why Tenant Screening Is a Must for Landlords

When it comes to owning a rental property, any property management expert will tell you that finding a qualified renter should be one of your primary goals. Continue reading to learn a few reasons why ...
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