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Ways to Make Your Apartment More Private

Apartment living often means sharing a small space with other people and having a balcony that overlooks public areas. Whether your goal is to create a private space within your home or you want to block your neighbor’s prying eyes, here are six ways to make your apartment more private.

Use Room Dividers

Living with roommates in a small apartment doesn’t mean you must sacrifice every ounce of privacy. If you share a bedroom, or your kitchen is practically in your living room, dividers are the key to privacy. Curtains, screens and bookshelves split the room into smaller areas and create boundaries that don’t take up much space. Best of all, you don’t need a construction permit to erect these “walls” for improved privacy in your apartment.

Install a Loft Bed

If your apartment has high ceilings, put this extra space to good use by putting in a loft bed. Suddenly, you feel as though you have a two-story apartment with an elevated space that’s all your own. Meanwhile, the area underneath the bed can house a desk or serve as a closet, conserving precious space and making your apartment feel twice as big.

Create a Reading Nook

No matter the size of your apartment, chances are you still have at least one unused corner or alcove. Put this space to good use by transforming it into a reading nook. All you need is an armchair or cushioned bench and a lamp nearby. Even if the nook isn’t completely private, having an area all to yourself still delivers much-needed personal space.

Install a Privacy Panel on Your Balcony

The apartment balcony is your prized outdoor space. To make it more private, line your railing with thatched fencing, hang an outdoor curtain, or set up wind and sun shields. These inexpensive solutions allow you to enjoy time on your balcony without feeling like you’re being watched. Just make sure you check with your landlord before altering your railing.

Plant a Garden on Your Balcony

Not only does this green up your outdoor space, but if you grow tall plants and use railing planters, your garden can also screen your balcony from the street, parking lot or walkways on the other side. Make sure you choose plants that will thrive according to the amount of light your balcony receives each day.

Use Window Coverings

Apartment buildings are often side by side, and public sidewalks may pass right in front of your windows. This makes it easy for neighbors and passersby to glance into your apartment, especially at night. Keep your space private by installing blinds, curtains or shades on every window. This addition also adds a decorative element to the room and allows you to control the lighting.

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