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End of Summer Maintenance Jobs for Your Rental Properties

Although fall to winter maintenance tends to get most of the attention from landlords, maintenance at the end of summer is equally important for your rental properties. Fortunately for landlords who are backed up by a property management company, maintenance is never an issue. Here are some of the essential end-of-summer maintenance jobs every landlord should be sure to get taken care of before fall is in full swing.

Heating System Maintenance

Although many people wait until later in the season to get their heating systems inspected and maintained, the end of the summer is actually the ideal time to get this done. Nights could get colder even early in the fall, and if your tenants need to switch on the heater early in the season only to find out it doesn’t work, you could face the expense of emergency repairs. Avoid surprises when the temperature drops and make sure all of the heating systems in your rental properties are ready to go by doing inspections now.

Mold Inspections

Summertime weather is the perfect recipe for mold, so inspect your properties for signs of mold now. Pay particularly close attention to the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen sink area. Cleaning mold as soon as possible can help to prevent it from going into the floors and walls, which can lead to extremely costly repairs.

Gutter Cleaning

As with heating maintenance, many people leave gutter cleaning until later in the year, but since fall is peak season for falling leaves, it’s better to go into the season with completely cleared gutters. You may be surprised just how full your gutters can become during the summer, as storms can drop lots of debris. Prevent poor drainage caused by falling leaves by cleaning the gutters now.

MRS Property Management helps our landlords deal with everything from emergency repairs to seasonal maintenance for residential and commercial properties. Let us help you simplify your maintenance efforts. Contact us today at (978) 927-3690 to speak to one of our property managers in Beverly, MA.

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