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Avoiding Common Renter's Mistakes

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Whether you’re leasing your first home or apartment, or simply want to be a better tenant this time around, there are certain mistakes you should avoid as a renter. Being a good tenant will impress your landlord and property management company, making it much easier to rent or buy rental properties in the future. Here is how to avoid some of the most common renter’s mistakes.

Poor Communication with Landlord
It’s important to maintain regular communication with your landlord. Notify your landlord or rental property management company as soon as possible if your rent will be late. It’s also a good idea to let your landlord know if you get a new pet, if a roommate moves in or moves out, or if you’re going on an extended vacation.

Ignoring the Terms of the Lease
Many people never even read their entire lease. The lease is a binding contract between a tenant, landlord, and property management company. It contains specific terms by which the landlord and tenant must abide in order to legally lease or occupy the property. Take some time to read over your lease in full before signing it, and ask your landlord any questions you may have. Once you sign the lease, keep it in a handy place for reference purposes.

Failing to Maintain the Property
Your lease will tell you if there are certain things that you must do as a tenant to ensure that the rental property is well maintained. You must notify your landlord or property management company of water leaks and landscaping issues, as well as broken or damaged cooling or heating units, water heaters, ovens, refrigerators, and any other property that the landlord owns.

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